ADHD Evaluation

ADHD evaluation requires a comprehensive approach. Poor concentration is a symptoms of ADHD however it can be due to other reasons. We are not only able to evaluate you but also treat with medication.

 ADHD evaluation has three componenets

1) Initial Psychiatric Evaluation by Dr. Zubairi which is usually an hour long visit. 

2) Computerized continuous performance test usually take 30 minutes and can be done same day after evaluation or scheduled at a later time.

3) Collateral information to assess dysfunction in your school and work setting. This include filling out rating scales. Adults will need to do them for themselves. For children it needs to be done by teachers and parents. For adults we may like to talk to a parent to establish symptom presence in childhood. School records can be used also.

On first appointment no medication will be prescribed. After Dr. Zubairi review everything you will have a follow up appointment in 1-2 weeks on which we will discuss results of evaluation and test. On the second visit if needed medications will be started.

Once medication is started it will be titrated to effective dose.


Insurance covers Dr. evaluation and most insurances cover cost of computer tests also.If your insurnce does not cover the computerized test the one time fee is 175 dollars.

If you have no insurance coverage the cost of the evaluation, test and feedback appointment is 500 dollars. Once medication is staretd follow up cost is 95 dollars and in the beginning it is once a month and once symptoms are stable it is minimum of once in 3 months.